Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pokemon and Winx club english dub Villan Similarities

Hey guy I came across something pretty neat over the weekend while I watched Pokemon Galactic Battles. It was the episode "The needs of the Three" The episode about the capture of Lake Trio. At first I didn't think nothing of it and continued to watch Gary trying to stop Hunter J and Saturn from capturing Azelf. Gary's Pokemon end getting their butts kicked by Saturn's Toxicroak. So sorry Gary but Saturn is more awesome than you. *Get attacked by a stampede of Gary fangirls*

The first break come and rather than watch dumb advertisement I switch it over to Winx Club on the CW. Both Pokemon and Winx Club share the same time slot at 7:00am EST so I like to flip back during the other shows breaks. The Winx Club episodes are reruns so I don't put them on my to watch list every Saturday Morning. The pokemon on the other hand are new so I want to watch them.

Winx Club Season three reruns are being aired right so It was the episode "Mission to Tides" Than I remember that this is the episode that Baltor cast the spell on Layla to make her blind. Than it hits me and I go back to the pokemon episode Ash and Co are now in Team Galactics base from being teleported by now captured Lake trio. Cyrus Enters who is voiced by the same voice actor as Baltor. Cyrus Say that he is the boss of Team Galactic. Ash gets anger at Cyrus for lying to everyone about his identity.

Here a pattern that I picked up between the Baltor and Cyrus.

-Both are voiced by Sean Schemmel
-They have three Commanders or Witches.
-They both have the same color between the two groups of three Blue,Purple and Red.
Hair color for the team Galactic commanders and outfit color for the Trix Witchs.

Both Musa and Mars are voiced by Lisa Ortiz too.

Please tell me if I'm not the only Pokemon and Winx Club fan that Notice the similarities. It only makes this funny if the two shows are on the same time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010