Thursday, February 18, 2010

pokewinx video

I came across this video today. now I'm not the only one who does this crossover but here's when a crossover go bad. take the video above this person decided that the winx fairies should become gym leaders of their realm and get this she wins!

Now for some crazy pokemon teams just watch the video their teams are too long some are just full of legendaries bloom's team I find the worst.

My verison of pokwinx never had the winx club fairies in the story inline. It was about three of my OC on a mission to figure out what was happen to both sinnoh and magix and it took place after pokemon movies 10 and 11.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

5Th Gen Pokemon

I know I already covered this topic on but wanted post my opinions on these new Pokemon. The rumors of fifth Generation has been going around for the longest time and last Sunday it was confirmed on Pokemon Sunday. It not surprising really most Poke-fans knew it was coming I for one did. First off I'm a huge Poke-fun so hearing the news about new Pokemon I should be super happy but I have mixed feelings.

These are the new Pokemon in question. The Pokemon on the left is called Zorua and the other is Zoroark which is the evolved form of Zorua but I bet that you new that cause they look alike. Anyway they're fox Pokemon and they're dark types. I'm not the kind of person who judges by looks but their is something I like about their designs. Zoroark looks like a eraser from Maximum ride while Zorua reminds me of Shaymin's sky forme. The pokemon count is now at 495.

Please tell me what you think of these new Pokemon are they cool or not. Do you think that they should stop making Pokemon? Let me know I want to hear your opinions!