Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Characters

here are two of my new Characters

Credit goes to angie from angelaswinxworld for drawing the picture of my Tokyo Mew Mew OC Mew Mikan.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pokemon: best wishes

Seven episodes of the Pokemon: Best Wishes anime series has already aired in Japan and Satoshi has almost a full pokemon team already. Along with a almost complete team Satoshi has earn his first Gym badge in Isshu. I will say this I'm enjoying that this new pokemon series has less fillers than previous series. I wonder what pokemon will be Satoshi's sixth pokomon. there is a rumor going around that he might catch a Koaruhie in episode 20 of the anime. But that won't be confirmed until the episode airs.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy one year pokewinx!

Well it been a year since I created this blog. even if I haven't been post all the time I'm still happy that I my personal blog reached it's first birthday so congrats pokewinx. A few months ago I reached my first year on DevianART as well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It came! I have Pokemon White!

Yeah that's right my copy of Pokemon white came in the mail today. I havn't had the chance to play it yet I'm just too excited that it came in. It's kinda funny that it came today the 12th of all days. I was born on the 12th of March I know that's not important but I thought it was rather cool. Could my day get any better? I don't think so. I will most likely be playing White in between the breaks when Glee is on tv tonight.

Photos taken by me sent by my cell phone.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pokemon White

Yeah That's right I ordered Pokemon White version and I couldn't be happier about it. I think of it as a early Christmas gift for myself like the tickets to see Wicked from my Mom.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a surprise

My mom surprised me this morning around 1o am with a phone call "what are you doing on Oct. 10? and can you get the day off" were her words to me. I quickly said I could I was still a little sleepy. she would not go into the details so all during the day I brainstormed idea's of what the surprise was going to be. I had a pretty good idea what it was going to be but I wasn't 100% If I was right.

I wasn't until later tonight that she revealed the surprise to me in the car ride to the store. My Mom got my sister and I tickets to see Wicked. I could not believe it not only have I been dieing to see that play but tickets are hard to get and sell out very quickly but I guessed right. I'm so freaking excited you have now idea how I'm feeling right now. It's going to be nice to go into the city of Boston to see Wicked and it's going to be better that I get to spend time with my sister who I don't to see much now that she's in college.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Winx Adventures

At long last I had the chance to play Winx Adventures now that it has gone live to the public. I don't know why I signed up for the closted beta since I never got the darn thing to load for me :( Moving on. my laptop seems to dislike the game and will not load. I did play around with it yesterday and I somewhat like playing it. chicking the right mouse button is a pain and I don't like that you have walk every where to get around the map, why can't you just click on the area you want to go on the map? It's a great game to use if you want to talk to your friends I don't know if i'm going to play as much due to the fact that I don't care games like that but I least I tried it out. It would be nice if they added thing like quests and stuff like they do in but time will tell.

If you want to look for me in the Winx Club Adeventure game my name is WinxAvery!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

a perview of a future chapter of one of my fanfics.

"Please tell me who you are you saved my daughters life and I'm grateful you did." the women said. RJ smirked "You don't want to get involved with a person like me" RJ said as she pulled off her hood to reveal her light brown hair and her teal colored eyes. "Mommy why is she wearing that cloak." the young girl asked. "sweetie it's rude to ask personal questions. I'm sorry about my daughters rudeness we'll be on our way." The women said. RJ watched as they walked away. "I wish my mother and I where still close like that." RJ said.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pokemon: Best Wishes

With the Sinnoh Saga just about over in Japan. Lets face it Satoshi is not going to win the Sinnoh league but getting the semi-finals by finally beating his Rival Senji(it's about time) was awseome. I Can't wait to see his battle against Takuto and his Darkrai. I know departer of Hikari and Takeshi is going to be hard for me and will leave me full of tears.

In September the next season Pokemon:Best Wishes will began. Satoshi will traval to the Isshu Region to take on the gyms in Isshu and complete in the Isshu League. With Hikari and Takeshi gone Satoshi will get new traval companions Iris and later Dento who like Takeshi is a Gym leader.

I can't wait for this season to start. I'm starting to like Iris I think she will be a good character and Dento sounds cool too. thought I will miss Hikari and in the states it will be a while until we say goodbye to Dawn and Brock. The grand festival will Begin in September.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Character Profile :RJ

Since I posted the first chapter of RJ story I wanted to post her spoiler free info. here. her profile will be updated when I get father in the story I have three chapters writen so far

Name: RJ
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hometown: Celestic Town ,Sinnoh
Pokemon: Empoleon, Staraptor, Gradenvoir, Altaria, Umbreon, Roserade(shiny)
appearance: A teenage girl that stands at 5'9". RJ wears her favorite outfit which is a purple top, jean shorts and long white socks that go past her knees, she also wears purple flats with flowers on them for shoes. She has a fair skin tone, She has a round face, her eyes are a almond shape and are teal in color . Her hair is brown in color RJ wears a pokeball pendant around her neck were she keeps her first pokemon inside. She also wears a bracelet with five pokeballs as the charms on her left arm and the latest poketch model on her right.

Personality: RJ is one of the sweetest person you will come across. She is very caring and will always put her pokemon needs before her own. She does tend to joke around sometimes, due to this people don't always take her seriously despite this RJ is Mature. RJ is very close to her pokemon and shares a close bond with them. RJ is the type of person who makes friends mostly everywhere she travels. RJ also like to spend time around nature so you can find her around it, mostly around gardens drawing in her sketch pad. The one thing that she love just as much as nature is battling, she not shy about asking to battle either.

history: RJ Song has been around pokemon all her life. One RJ favorite moments around pokemon was when she nursed a little lost baby starly with a hurt foot, she is known as the "Starly girl" back in Celestic town. Since that day RJ has always wanted to become a trainer. Once RJ turned ten see got her wish to become one. Her mother was sad to see her only child go but she knew it was for the best. Her first pokemon a piplup that she recived from Professor Rowen, after that she left for Jubilife City to visit her father at the poketch company. Her first pokemon she caught was a Ralts.

Achievements: RJ has travel around the diffrent regions collecting the gym badges. Out of all the leagues RJ has only won the Hoenn league.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Winx Club Adventure closed beta

Closed beta has started on Winx Club online site. I have signed up for the closed beta that will be running from August 4 to August 10. I haven't had the chance to play the game yet. but I will take screen shots once I starts working for me. In the mean time enjoy the screen cap I took of the login screen.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A melody on the wind chapter 4

Later that afternoon
"we'll have to worry about the fairy tomorrow. it's getting late and I promised Vanessa that we'd be on time for dinner." Bloom said.
"Your right Bloom we souldn't keep Mike and Vanessa waiting. Anyway I want to learn more about Avery the girl who came into Love&Pet today." Tecna replied.
"Don't worry you will Tecna she's been invited to dinner tonight too." Bloom said.
Bloom and the rest of the Winx closed up the shop for the eveing, got ready for dinner and walked over to Bloom's house. "I still think all of you sould have dressed nicer for dinner." Stella commented
"This is just a normal dinner Stella we don't have to dress up like you did." Musa replied. Vanessa greeted the girls at the door, she was dressed in a beautiful black dress. "Change of plans girls we're going out to eat tonight " Vanessa said. Stella gave Musa I told you so look.
"Oh that's great we didn't know well Stella decied to dress up anyway." Bloom said.
"That's fine it's not that fancy of a place to eat Avery suggested it to me." Vanessa replied.

Avery stood outside of the pizza place. For what Vanessa had told her at work pizza was Bloom's favorite food. Avery wanted to in good terms with the Winx so inviting them to out to eat seemed like a good idea. It wasn't long until they arrived. Bloom and the others saw Avery standing on the sidewalk waiting for them. "Girls I'm so glad you could make it." Avery said with exicitment.
"We wouldn't miss the chance to see you again Avery." Flora said.
"yeah, the pizza smells so good." Bloom said.
"Let's eat I'm hungery." Musa said.
"I agree with you on that Musa." Layla reliped.

My Pokemon Fanfiction

Here is the first chapter of my Pokemon Fanfiction. The main character is 13 year old girl named RJ who just started out as a roleplay character. but the more I roleplayed her the more I wanted to write a back story on her life. This is RJ's story.

Chapter 1

"Are you sure I have keep them closed Rose?" I asked as my best friend Rosemary guided me down the stairs.

"Yes RJ it's not a surprise if you open your eyes before we get there."she replied. I made a face.
I always hated it when Rosemary surprise me with things like a nice person as she is, Rosemary always had a thing of thing for making me her personal Guinea pig to her latest hobbies that always lasted a short time. I remember one time she complete raided my closet and filled it with nothing but designer clothes that she herself made.

"ok you can open your eyes now." she said.
I opend my eyes, the room was filled with friends and family. It was my birthday Rosemary had helped throw a party for me. a woman with long black hair walked up to the two of us. "It's not every day that my little girl turns 13. Thank you Rosemary" She said. "No problem Mrs. Song." my mom took me aside, while rosemary danced around the room in her normal cheerful self.

"I'm sorry I tried to reel Rosemary in but you know how she is." my mom said. "Yeah" I said with a sigh. I walked to the center of the room, while my mother Lilian talk with a few of the townspeople, one of my cousins Cynthia and grandmother. I made my way to the table that was filled with my birthday gifts. I sighed wondering what my father got for my birthday this year. I started to shuffle thought the gifts to look for the same old gift wrap that he used for my birthday every year..Nothing. I was shocked. However there was a note among the gifts.The name "Rachel" was printed neat on the envelope. I sighed again I hated when any one used my real name it bugged me.

I quicky stuffed the note in my pocket, and went back to the party.
The party lasted many hours, all I could think about the contents of the letter. "Whats wrong RJ?" Cynthia asked.I turned to face a women with long blond hair, She was dress in all black. "oh Hi Cynthia." I said sadly. "You should be happy not only is it your birthday but you also won the Hoenn League as well." she said. "Yeah that's true. I did show them my awesome battle skills." I Started to brag, Another girl the same age as me walked up to Cynthia and I. "Your still bragging about you victory in the finals of the Hoenn League. You didn't win by much you know I hardly call luck a skill but for you case I say it's the only thing your good at RJ." She smirked.

"Oh Tane who asked you anyway!" I yelled. That girl you just met is my twin sister Tane. She thinks she's the best at everything. I try not to let Tane get to me but most of the time It usually ends in a pokemon battle and I lose every time like always. lucky for me Tane doesn't stick around long she's studding to become a Gym Leader, while I'm going to take the Sinnoh Gym Challage. "RJ, Tane it's time." Lilian said.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Pokemon Manga Release Dates

The Next Volumes in the Pokemon Adventures Manga series have been announced and are set to be released in early spring 2011. Among the tiles announced is Pokemon Adventures: Platinum vol.1. which sould be volume 30 in the Adventure series but I guess Viz decied to make it's own series. Your guess is as good as mine why they did that. but hey it gets the DP arc on US shores faster I'm up for it. It set to be released on February 1, 2011 the same day that Pokemon Adventures vol. 11 is released. Next is Pokémon Adventures Vol. 12 which has a release date of April 5, 2011. I'm not sure if Pokemon Adventures: Platinum will follow the same bi-monthly volume release like Pokemon Adventures but It's still early.

Also to point out Volume 8 of Pokemon Adventures marks the start of the Gold&Silver arc which will be released for the first time in the US on August 3, 2010.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pokemon and Winx club english dub Villan Similarities

Hey guy I came across something pretty neat over the weekend while I watched Pokemon Galactic Battles. It was the episode "The needs of the Three" The episode about the capture of Lake Trio. At first I didn't think nothing of it and continued to watch Gary trying to stop Hunter J and Saturn from capturing Azelf. Gary's Pokemon end getting their butts kicked by Saturn's Toxicroak. So sorry Gary but Saturn is more awesome than you. *Get attacked by a stampede of Gary fangirls*

The first break come and rather than watch dumb advertisement I switch it over to Winx Club on the CW. Both Pokemon and Winx Club share the same time slot at 7:00am EST so I like to flip back during the other shows breaks. The Winx Club episodes are reruns so I don't put them on my to watch list every Saturday Morning. The pokemon on the other hand are new so I want to watch them.

Winx Club Season three reruns are being aired right so It was the episode "Mission to Tides" Than I remember that this is the episode that Baltor cast the spell on Layla to make her blind. Than it hits me and I go back to the pokemon episode Ash and Co are now in Team Galactics base from being teleported by now captured Lake trio. Cyrus Enters who is voiced by the same voice actor as Baltor. Cyrus Say that he is the boss of Team Galactic. Ash gets anger at Cyrus for lying to everyone about his identity.

Here a pattern that I picked up between the Baltor and Cyrus.

-Both are voiced by Sean Schemmel
-They have three Commanders or Witches.
-They both have the same color between the two groups of three Blue,Purple and Red.
Hair color for the team Galactic commanders and outfit color for the Trix Witchs.

Both Musa and Mars are voiced by Lisa Ortiz too.

Please tell me if I'm not the only Pokemon and Winx Club fan that Notice the similarities. It only makes this funny if the two shows are on the same time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pokemon,What happend to you?

I came across this video the other day. About the good old days of when Gameboy was only in black and white and we only had Pokemon Red and Blue. To me and other old pokefan's this video brings back memories of what pokemon used to look like back in the days when there was only 151 pokemon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Awesome website

Hi everyone one I wanted to share this great site that has tones of videos of diffrent series and animes. They have winx club episodes all 12 seasons of pokemon and shugo chara. I think you should check it out it's a awesome site.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pokewinx video

I came across this video today. now I'm not the only one who does this crossover but here's when a crossover go bad. take the video above this person decided that the winx fairies should become gym leaders of their realm and get this she wins!

Now for some crazy pokemon teams just watch the video their teams are too long some are just full of legendaries bloom's team I find the worst.

My verison of pokwinx never had the winx club fairies in the story inline. It was about three of my OC on a mission to figure out what was happen to both sinnoh and magix and it took place after pokemon movies 10 and 11.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

5Th Gen Pokemon

I know I already covered this topic on but wanted post my opinions on these new Pokemon. The rumors of fifth Generation has been going around for the longest time and last Sunday it was confirmed on Pokemon Sunday. It not surprising really most Poke-fans knew it was coming I for one did. First off I'm a huge Poke-fun so hearing the news about new Pokemon I should be super happy but I have mixed feelings.

These are the new Pokemon in question. The Pokemon on the left is called Zorua and the other is Zoroark which is the evolved form of Zorua but I bet that you new that cause they look alike. Anyway they're fox Pokemon and they're dark types. I'm not the kind of person who judges by looks but their is something I like about their designs. Zoroark looks like a eraser from Maximum ride while Zorua reminds me of Shaymin's sky forme. The pokemon count is now at 495.

Please tell me what you think of these new Pokemon are they cool or not. Do you think that they should stop making Pokemon? Let me know I want to hear your opinions!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A melody on the wind ch 2

Sorry the delay on the next chapter I had it typed up and forgot to upload it here silly me. It's on My devianArt account: WinxChan23. I'm currently working on chapter 3 and Manga version of this Fanfic is in the works, I'm designing the the cover very soon. So please look forward to both the manga and the next chapter of my fic.

Bloom took Avery to Love and Pet shop in the middle of the busiest part of Gardenia Main Street. Here men and women walked on busy sidewalks, Avery looked around many people pored in and out of small restaurant on the corner it was already 10:00am. Bloom smiled at Avery "My parents used to take me there all the time when I was kid. It was great we had such a good time." Bloom told Avery.
"I've never been to one those before what it like?" Avery asked.
"Well it like a place where you have dinner the food they serve is what we call comfort food you know like Mac & Cheese, Pizza their Cheese Pizza is very good" Bloom said.
Avery nodded her head in understanding what had Bloom had just said.

By the time their conversation came to a end the two girls were in front of Love and Pet. Bloom quickly opened the door to welcome Avery inside, the sound of music could be heard in the background. A girl with her blond hair tired back walked up to Bloom and Avery.
"Where have you been all morning Bloom it just about time to open the shop and your late" Asked the blond.
"Oh, sorry Stella my parents invited me over for breakfast this morning I though I told you yesterday." She said.
"You did tell her yesterday Bloom, but you know how Stella is if it not about fashion she's likely to forget it". Musa replied.
"Oh, who asked you Musa!" Stella snapped back.

"Anyway girls I'd like for you to meet someone this is Avery she's new in town." Bloom said.
Calypso let out a loud squawk into Avery's ear which Avery tried to quite the bird down. "Sorry about that She says hello to everyone" Avery said.
Oh, its not a big deal, Hi I'm Flora by the way it's nice to meet you Avery." She said.
After everyone greeted one another Flora helped Avery pick out food for Calypso,. Stella insisted that Calypso should be a fashionable bird and wear a vast and a bow. Calypso love the music the Musa played on her flute, and she enjoyed dancing with Aisha.
"Wow! Calypso hasn't had this much fun in a long time thank you everyone." Avery said.
She's a very active bird and I had blast dancing with her" Aisha Replied.
After paying for her items she waved good bye to the Winx and walked out the door with Calypso flying behind her.

I'm so sorry tecna fans I didn't have her speak in this chapter due the fact that I couldnot think of what I wanted her to say. I promise I will have her talk in the next chapter.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Awesome art by Anzhelee

Hiya everyone I know its been a while since I updated well I've got a treat for you today.

Some people don't know that I have a DA account well I do. I asked one of my friends on DA awhile ago if see could make my Winx Club OC Avery in 3-D. She did and yesterday she posted them on DA. I was shocked how awesome beautiful Avery who is very dear to my heart Come out so beautiful in both 2-D and 3-D. The the wing detail is amazing I loved the glitter on her wings and her outfit.

Gift for WinxChan23 by ~Anzhelee on deviantART

for WinxChan23 by ~Anzhelee on deviantART