Monday, November 9, 2009

winx club S4 episode 24 sceen shots

Below I have made sceen shots of episode 24....

I love this picture of's funny and cute when he paid the pizza guy the money.

Aisha and Nabu...together til the very end.

and here are sceenshots from the preview of episode 25

Your're welcome to use them but please do not remove the watermark and give me credit for makeing them. Thank you. :D


  1. Kiko's so kawaii when he pays the money ! haha ! i laugh so hard !
    Aww... Layla and Nabu ... so sad ..
    will he become a live again ??

  2. I know kiko is cute. I loved that picture, and I felt that I HAD to post it.

    I hope Nabu can somehow be revived. I feel so sad for Aisha's lose.