Friday, August 20, 2010

Pokemon: Best Wishes

With the Sinnoh Saga just about over in Japan. Lets face it Satoshi is not going to win the Sinnoh league but getting the semi-finals by finally beating his Rival Senji(it's about time) was awseome. I Can't wait to see his battle against Takuto and his Darkrai. I know departer of Hikari and Takeshi is going to be hard for me and will leave me full of tears.

In September the next season Pokemon:Best Wishes will began. Satoshi will traval to the Isshu Region to take on the gyms in Isshu and complete in the Isshu League. With Hikari and Takeshi gone Satoshi will get new traval companions Iris and later Dento who like Takeshi is a Gym leader.

I can't wait for this season to start. I'm starting to like Iris I think she will be a good character and Dento sounds cool too. thought I will miss Hikari and in the states it will be a while until we say goodbye to Dawn and Brock. The grand festival will Begin in September.

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