Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a surprise

My mom surprised me this morning around 1o am with a phone call "what are you doing on Oct. 10? and can you get the day off" were her words to me. I quickly said I could I was still a little sleepy. she would not go into the details so all during the day I brainstormed idea's of what the surprise was going to be. I had a pretty good idea what it was going to be but I wasn't 100% If I was right.

I wasn't until later tonight that she revealed the surprise to me in the car ride to the store. My Mom got my sister and I tickets to see Wicked. I could not believe it not only have I been dieing to see that play but tickets are hard to get and sell out very quickly but I guessed right. I'm so freaking excited you have now idea how I'm feeling right now. It's going to be nice to go into the city of Boston to see Wicked and it's going to be better that I get to spend time with my sister who I don't to see much now that she's in college.

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