Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A melody on the wind chapter 4

Later that afternoon
"we'll have to worry about the fairy tomorrow. it's getting late and I promised Vanessa that we'd be on time for dinner." Bloom said.
"Your right Bloom we souldn't keep Mike and Vanessa waiting. Anyway I want to learn more about Avery the girl who came into Love&Pet today." Tecna replied.
"Don't worry you will Tecna she's been invited to dinner tonight too." Bloom said.
Bloom and the rest of the Winx closed up the shop for the eveing, got ready for dinner and walked over to Bloom's house. "I still think all of you sould have dressed nicer for dinner." Stella commented
"This is just a normal dinner Stella we don't have to dress up like you did." Musa replied. Vanessa greeted the girls at the door, she was dressed in a beautiful black dress. "Change of plans girls we're going out to eat tonight " Vanessa said. Stella gave Musa I told you so look.
"Oh that's great we didn't know well Stella decied to dress up anyway." Bloom said.
"That's fine it's not that fancy of a place to eat Avery suggested it to me." Vanessa replied.

Avery stood outside of the pizza place. For what Vanessa had told her at work pizza was Bloom's favorite food. Avery wanted to in good terms with the Winx so inviting them to out to eat seemed like a good idea. It wasn't long until they arrived. Bloom and the others saw Avery standing on the sidewalk waiting for them. "Girls I'm so glad you could make it." Avery said with exicitment.
"We wouldn't miss the chance to see you again Avery." Flora said.
"yeah, the pizza smells so good." Bloom said.
"Let's eat I'm hungery." Musa said.
"I agree with you on that Musa." Layla reliped.

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