Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Pokemon Fanfiction

Here is the first chapter of my Pokemon Fanfiction. The main character is 13 year old girl named RJ who just started out as a roleplay character. but the more I roleplayed her the more I wanted to write a back story on her life. This is RJ's story.

Chapter 1

"Are you sure I have keep them closed Rose?" I asked as my best friend Rosemary guided me down the stairs.

"Yes RJ it's not a surprise if you open your eyes before we get there."she replied. I made a face.
I always hated it when Rosemary surprise me with things like a nice person as she is, Rosemary always had a thing of thing for making me her personal Guinea pig to her latest hobbies that always lasted a short time. I remember one time she complete raided my closet and filled it with nothing but designer clothes that she herself made.

"ok you can open your eyes now." she said.
I opend my eyes, the room was filled with friends and family. It was my birthday Rosemary had helped throw a party for me. a woman with long black hair walked up to the two of us. "It's not every day that my little girl turns 13. Thank you Rosemary" She said. "No problem Mrs. Song." my mom took me aside, while rosemary danced around the room in her normal cheerful self.

"I'm sorry I tried to reel Rosemary in but you know how she is." my mom said. "Yeah" I said with a sigh. I walked to the center of the room, while my mother Lilian talk with a few of the townspeople, one of my cousins Cynthia and grandmother. I made my way to the table that was filled with my birthday gifts. I sighed wondering what my father got for my birthday this year. I started to shuffle thought the gifts to look for the same old gift wrap that he used for my birthday every year..Nothing. I was shocked. However there was a note among the gifts.The name "Rachel" was printed neat on the envelope. I sighed again I hated when any one used my real name it bugged me.

I quicky stuffed the note in my pocket, and went back to the party.
The party lasted many hours, all I could think about the contents of the letter. "Whats wrong RJ?" Cynthia asked.I turned to face a women with long blond hair, She was dress in all black. "oh Hi Cynthia." I said sadly. "You should be happy not only is it your birthday but you also won the Hoenn League as well." she said. "Yeah that's true. I did show them my awesome battle skills." I Started to brag, Another girl the same age as me walked up to Cynthia and I. "Your still bragging about you victory in the finals of the Hoenn League. You didn't win by much you know I hardly call luck a skill but for you case I say it's the only thing your good at RJ." She smirked.

"Oh Tane who asked you anyway!" I yelled. That girl you just met is my twin sister Tane. She thinks she's the best at everything. I try not to let Tane get to me but most of the time It usually ends in a pokemon battle and I lose every time like always. lucky for me Tane doesn't stick around long she's studding to become a Gym Leader, while I'm going to take the Sinnoh Gym Challage. "RJ, Tane it's time." Lilian said.

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