Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Melody on the wind~ A Winx Club fan-fiction

A melody on the wind
By Robin

Chapter 1

Gardenia, Planet Earth.
It was a early morning in Gardenia, Flora slept peacefully in the loft of the apartment above the pet shop Love & Pet. Flora could feel the warm sun beams shine on her face. She turned to look at the face on the clock on the table near her bed. Its was seven o’ clock, which to Flora was the perfect time to start the day. After making her bed, Flora went to check on Bloom who tends to sleep in late. To her amazement Bloom’s bed was empty…Well almost empty, Kiko Bloom’s bunny laid shoring on the bed.
Flora slowly walked down the stairs to the lounge, only to find Musa sprawled out on the couch which was very topical for Musa to do so. After a little hesitation Flora walked over to the window and pulled the curtains open to let the sunlight in.
Musa quickly opened her eyes.
“Do you have any idea what time it is Flora?” Musa said in a groggy voice.
Flora smiled back at Musa. “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t know you fell asleep there last night?”
“It’s ok Flora you didn’t know. I had a rough night last night and could hardly sleep.”
Musa sat up.
“Oh sweetie you had a fight with Riven again?” Flora asked.
“Yes and I think it might be over for us this time.”
Flora handed Musa a box of tissues. Which Musa quickly grabbed one and handed the box back to Flora. She wiped the sweat off her face.
“Why did you break up with him?” For a asked.
“No Flora that’s the thing, He’s the one who broke up with ME!”

Bloom sat the kitchen table at her Foster parents house. Vanessa was making breakfast the whole kitchen was filled the aroma of eggs and bacon. While Mike drank his coffee and read the morning paper. Bloom pored a glass of orange juice and took a sip.
“Mom how is business at the flower shop?” Bloom asked after she took another sip of orange juice.
“Business is booming at the shop thanks for asked Bloom. In fact I just hired a floral designer who just move here from Linden Wood.”
That’s great I know I’ve been less help since the girls and I opened Love & Pet.” Bloom replied.
“I think it’s great that you and your friends own a Pet Shop plus you’ve gotten the people of gardenia to believe in fairies again.”
“So what’s this girl you hired like Mom, Is she around my age?” Bloom asked.
“Well why don’t you see for your self. I invited her for dinner tonight and you should ask it the Winx want to come and Roxy too?”
Bloom smiled and put the last piece of Bacon on her plate in her mouth she washed the crunchy bacon down with last sip of Orange juice.
“Ok I’ll see if they want to. See you later tonight than. bye Dad, Mom.” she replied walking out the door.

After have breakfast at her foster parents house, Bloom thought of mysterious girl that was mention earlier that morning as she walked down the street. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that Bloom barely watched where she was walking when ran in a girl on the sidewalk, causing the girl fall backwards on the pavement. The parrot on the girl shoulder let out a loud squawk when she fell on the ground. Bloom quickly rushed the aid of the fallen girl and parrot. “Oh my goodness I’m sorry I didn’t seen you when you walked in front of me are you ok?” Bloom asked the girl. The girl rubbed her head while she brushed a piece of long brunette hair out of her face.
“Yeah I t think so. Thanks for asking though.” Replied the brunette. The girls parrot flew back on her right shoulder. “Calypso is fine too besides a few feathers are out place but that about it.”
Bloom looked at Calypso than back to the girl. “I’m glad both of you are ok, I’m Bloom by the way.”
“Hi bloom it’s nice to meet you. I’m Avery and you already meet Calypso my sun conure.” Avery replied.
“she’s a pretty bird with a beautiful name.” Bloom replied, patting Calypso on the head ”Well trained too.”
Calypso tilted her head forward, which met she wanted her the back of her nap rubbed. Avery placed her hand behind the back of Calypso’s nap and began to rub her neck.
“I’m new around town Bloom. Do you happen to know if there is a pet shop around town, I need to pick up a few thing for Calypso here?” she asked.
Bloom face lit up this must be the girl the Vanessa had mention earlier at breakfast, and she needed to come to Love & Pet. Which met the other girls would meet Avery before dinner tonight.
“Sure I know where you can get supplies for you bird there is a pet shop in town called Love & Pet. I’ll take you there right away.” Bloom replied taking Avery’s hand.

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