Monday, October 26, 2009

Winx Club Season 4 episode 18 ( the fury of nature)

Epsiode 18 of season 4 aired early this morning. A lot of thing happend in this episode

Credit goes to Bubamara on Magix Club forum wrote this summery of episode 18:

Diana, the higher order (not sure if that's the expression) fairy of nature together with rest of the fairies wants to punish humans for disrupting harmony on Earth and wants Roxy to join them, but Roxy refuses.
Diana turns Gardenia in jungle, and while fairies go to see whats happening with Bloom's parents, specialists fight Diana. (and Nabu rocks!)
Bloom's parents are trapped by giant spider, and girls fight it, can't do anything against it, but Tecna figures that the spider is just little normal spider that's been spelled, and since Diana cast spell just in Gardenia, they take it out of the city and spider becomes small, nice spider again.
In the meantime, Diana managed to trap specialists, and take them in her kingdom, in the hart of Amazon jungle where humans didn't reach jet. Girls have to save specialists, but Faragonda tells them that believix in useless agains higher order fairy and that they have to get something, (i think she said something like ultra believix, but not sure), and we've seen a little bit of Bloom's new transformation (if it is that) in the preview...

In the meantime, Jason Quinn called Musa, and told her that he is interested in their band, since he heard them playing, and they will have some sort of audition for rock bends (or competition, not really sure)...

Yeah thats a lot of info to take in. A new power-up? Maybe, but how exicting it never the less it called "otlre Believix" not "ultra believix" like stated above in the summery.(thanks Kiku!)

Ohhh..... I can't wait to see it, guess we'll have to wait til episode 19 to air in Italy on wedsday

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