Thursday, October 29, 2009

New video

GraceQute a sweet person posted about her super pets on her blog. I told about my super pet a dove named fantail, so I made a video about my bird. I know this has noting to do with winx club or pokemon but decided to post it anyway. I know my voice sounds bad it was late when I filmed this.


  1. Wow ! he looked so handsome ! :D (tell him that)
    can i ask ? why call him "Fantail" ? it's a unusual and nice name :D
    btw, you looked good :D

  2. Thanks! He is a nice bird. I named him Fantail cause his tall look like a fan when he flys.

  3. cool :D that's so creative of you sweetie :D btw, new blog you got there :D

  4. Thanks! it a Work in progress. I'm slowy working on plan on adding more pages and such.